The azaleas grow back every year in the fall and spring. Unless you trim them, other series of azaleas don’t grow back every year. Prune the plant as soon as you notice that it is starting to die back.

Pruning is best done at the end of the growing season, when the leaves are just beginning to turn brown. If you are pruning in late spring or early summer, you may have to wait a few weeks for the new growth to show up.

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Do azaleas come back after winter?

Azaleas have a chance to recover from the winter damage. Gardeners across the country experienced extreme cold temperatures this past winter, leaving many of their plants in a state of dormancy.

Azalea pruning can be done at any time of the year, but the best time to do it is in the spring or early summer. This is when the plant is most vulnerable to frost damage, so it’s best to prune as soon as the weather warms up.

Will azaleas survive winter?

Icy winds and excess sun can damage evergreen azaleas in winter. If your plant is injured, you will see split bark or dried leaves. If you see signs of winter damage to your azalea, you’ll need to treat it with a fungicide.

Are azalea flowers Hardy?

Despite being a staple of the Southern garden, azaleas can be grown year-round in most climates. Azalea flowers bloom in the spring, summer and fall, but can also be found in early fall and early winter. The flowers are fragrant and have a sweet, floral scent. They are a favorite of gardeners and landscapers alike.

What do azaleas look like in winter?

These symptoms are usually called an end-of-the-growing-season look. In the winter, some azaleas have bronzy to purple foliage. When old foliage is being lost and new foliage begins to appear, evergreen azaleas go through a stage. Azalea flowers are small, usually about 1/2 inch in diameter. They are usually white, but can be yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, or white. Flowers are borne in clusters of two or three.

The petals of the flower are white and the stamens and pistils are yellow or orange. In the spring and summer, the flowers open to reveal a bright yellow to orange-red petal, which is followed by a white stamen and a yellow-orange pistil. These flowers can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the variety. Azaleos are also known to bloom in late summer and early fall.

Will azaleas flower twice?

It is unique that after the first flush of spring flowers it will produce new shoots and flower buds. The shrub really will flower from March to April, from late June to early July, and from early August to late September. In the spring, they will be replaced by a new crop of new leaves and flowers.

Are azalea flowers annuals?

Azaleas are perennial, so they’ll come back year after year, adds Fanello.

You can extend the season by planting late-blooming varieties, such as the pink “Sweet September,” orange “Flame Creeper” ground variety or “Weston\’s Lemon Drop” that have peach, apricot and lemon flavors,” he Fanello also recommends planting a variety of perennials in the fall, when the weather is cooler and the soil is drier, to help keep the plants from getting too hot and dry.

He also suggests planting them in late spring or early summer to get the most out of the growing season.

How do I know if my azalea is indoor or outdoor?

If the plant has a name tag, look at the variety to see if it is cold hardy. When the weather warms up, gift azaleas can go into a cool garden location in partial shade. Azalea varieties can be grown from seed or cuttings.

Seeds are available from nurseries, garden centers, or from gardeners who grow them in their own backyards. Cut-trees can also be purchased from a nursery or garden center. If you are growing your own, be sure to check with your local nursery to make sure they have the right varieties for your area.

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