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Birds bring life and color to our gardens, and you have surely already searched for methods to attract them to your home.

Today, we introduce you to the bird call, this fascinating instrument that seduces birds and invites them to come to your green space.

What is a bird call?

A bird call is a small instrument made of wood, metal, or plastic, designed to imitate the song of birds. There are different types of bird calls depending on the bird species you want to attract. With this tool, you can communicate with birds and make them want to settle in your garden.

The different types of bird calls

  • Bellows bird call: It is used by blowing into it and allows you to reproduce the song of certain species like the blackbird or the nightingale.
  • Friction bird call: This instrument works by rubbing two parts against each other. It is ideal for imitating the song of the wood pigeon or the cuckoo.
  • Electronic bird call: More modern, this bird call reproduces pre-recorded bird songs. It offers a wide variety of sounds and allows you to attract many species.

How to use a bird call to attract birds to your garden?

Using a bird call requires a bit of practice, but with a few tips, you will quickly become an expert. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose the appropriate bird call: Select the instrument that corresponds to the bird species you want to attract.
  2. Learn the song: Listen to the song of the bird in question and familiarize yourself with the different sounds it produces.
  3. Practice: Train yourself to reproduce the song with your bird call, adjusting the force and speed of the blow or friction according to the desired sounds.
  4. Find the right spot: Settle in a quiet and open place, without too much noise or wind. Birds will be more inclined to approach if their environment is peaceful.
  5. Be patient and discreet: Birds are naturally wary; wait calmly for them to approach, without sudden gestures or quick movements.

Tips to maximize your chances of attracting birds

  • Offer them food: To complement the effect of the bird call, consider providing seeds, fruits, or fat balls to attract birds and encourage them to stay.
  • Install nest boxes: Offer them a shelter where they can breed and raise their young.
  • Arrange your garden: Cultivate plants that attract birds, such as berry bushes or nectar-producing flowers. Also, preserve some grassy and bushy areas to provide them with hiding places and sources of natural food.

The benefits of having birds in your garden

Attracting birds with a bird call has many advantages for you and your garden. Here are some significant benefits:

  • Natural pest control: Birds feed on harmful insects, thus helping to preserve your plants and reduce the use of pesticides.
  • Pollination: Birds participate in the pollination process by carrying pollen from one flower to another, promoting plant reproduction.
  • Well-being: The song of birds brings a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to your garden, ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature.
  • Observation and photography: The presence of birds in your garden offers opportunities for observation and photography for birdwatching or nature enthusiasts.

Don’t wait any longer to discover the fascinating world of bird calls and attract birds to your garden. With a little practice, you will be amazed at how these instruments can transform your green space into a true haven of life and biodiversity.

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