During blooming the plant sends most of its energy and nutrients to the bloom, and now it will spend its time sending most of its energy to the pups that it is working hard to grow. After an air plant blooms, the best thing you can do is continue watering it and give it more water. Air plants are very easy to care for.

They do not need to be watered or fertilized, but they do need a good amount of light. Air plants do best when they are in full sun. If you live in an area with a lot of shade, you may want to consider using a misting system to keep the air plants from getting too hot.

Should I remove the flower from my air plant?

Sad but true, every air plant will only bloom once in its lifetime. Once the flower has dried up, you should trim off the entire flower stalk, as this will promote “pupping.” Tillandsia “Pups” are simply called “pups” in the plant world. Tillandsias can be grown from seed, but it is not recommended to do so unless you have a lot of space to grow them.

The soil should be moist but not soggy, and it should not be too wet or too dry. It is also recommended that you plant the seedlings in a sunny location, so that they will be able to take advantage of the sun’s rays during the growing season. You can also plant your Tillandias in pots, which will make them easier to care for and will allow you to keep a close eye on them throughout the year.

How do you force an air plant to bloom?

Put your mature, healthy air plant into a plastic bag with a slice of ripe apple for 48 hours and then remove it from the bag! The gas (ethylene) from the apple will “force” the blooming process. Allow 6-14 weeks for the bloom to start.

What is the lifespan of an air plant?

The lifespan of an air plant is between 2 to 5 years. Plants that live for more than two years are called air plants. Their life expectancy will be influenced by the Tillandsia species and growth conditions. Air plant care is very similar to that of any other plant. You will want to keep your airplants in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. They will also need to be watered regularly.

Watering should be done once or twice a week, but not more often than once every two weeks. If you have a lot of plants, it may be a good idea to water them once a month or so. Keep in mind that your plants will not be able to absorb as much water as they would if they were in the ground, so it is important to make sure that you do not over-water them.

How often do air plants produce pups?

If you take care of your air plant, it will produce pups every year. The number of pups produced by an air plant varies depending on the type of plant. Some can produce more than one. Air plants can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Air plants are easy to care for, and they’re a great addition to your garden.

How long do air plants live after flowering?

Air plant blooms last only a few days to a few weeks. Some larger air plants, such as t. xerographica, can last up to six months. You can use a simple test to tell if it’s time to move on to the next stage of your plant’s life cycle. First, remove the plant from its pot and place it in a small bowl of water.

Let it soak for a few minutes. If the water is clear, then the air-blooms are ready to be transplanted into a new pot. On the other hand, if you can’t see any water in the bowl, you may need to wait a bit longer before transplanting.

Do you have to remove air plant pups?

You’ll need to separate the pups once they get to around a quarter size of their mother plant. Carefully lay the mother plant on its side and cut away the pups, using a kitchen knife or quality pair of garden sheers. You’re all set to start your own air plant after you’ve completed this process.

How can I tell if my air plant is healthy?

Curly leaves are drier and a healthy white fuzz actually means your plant is healthy, not necessarily drying out. You need to look for brown leaf tips and a shriveled appearance.

If you’re not sure if your plants are healthy or not, it’s best to check with your local nursery or garden center to see if they have a certified organic certification. If they don’t have one, ask them to send you a copy of their certification for you to review.

How often should I water my air plant?

It is recommended that your plants be watered once a week. Every few weeks, a 2-hour soak is recommended. If you are in a hotter climate, more frequent watering is necessary. The amount of water to add depends on the size of your plants and the type of soil they are growing in.

For example, if you have a small, medium, or large plant, you should add 1/2 to 1 cup per plant per day, depending on how large your plant is. You can also add more water if the soil is too dry or too wet. Watering too often can cause the plant to over-water, which can lead to root rot and other problems.

Do air plants grow bigger?

If your air plant is a pup (baby air plant) then it will grow to full size depending on its species. Air plants range in size from two inches to seven feet so it’s a good idea to research your variety to find out how big it can grow. Air plants can live for up to 10 years or more.

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