It will take at least two to three months of cold for the chestnuts to grow. The chestnuts can be planted indoors around February and March. Seeds should be placed on a warm, sunny window sill or in a greenhouse with plenty of light.

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How long does it take for a chestnut seed to germinate?

The seeds will take 3 to 6 weeks to mature. The chestnuts seeds have to be above 55 degrees F for the germinating process to continue. The chestnut seed will take longer to emerge if the temperatures are below this. Once the seedlings have emerged, they will continue to grow until they reach a height of at least 3 feet. Once they have reached this height, it is time to harvest.

Chestnuts can be harvested by hand or by using a hand-held harvester. Harvesting is best done in the early morning or early afternoon when the sun is at its highest and the temperature is the lowest. When harvesting, be careful not to damage the tree. If you do damage it, you will have to replant it.

How do you grow a horse chestnut tree from a conker?

Place your conkers in a container of water and discard the ones that have dried out. Use only the conkers that sink to plant them in pots of soil/compost between now and the end of November. You can place a water well in a sheltered spot away from the sun.

If you want to plant more than one conker at a time, place them in the same pot and water them together. This will ensure that they will grow together and not compete for water.

How deep do you plant a chestnut seed?

When the seedling is about 8′′ tall, it can be planted in a permanent site if the seed is one inch deep. If using a pot, make sure it is big enough so that the roots don’t get stuck. Before planting the new nutshell, twist off the old one.

Once the plant is established, it will take about a year for the roots to reach the top of the pot. After that, you can transplant it to a new pot and continue to grow it.

Can you grow a tree from a horse chestnut?

Conkers, often called the buckeye, contain seeds from which new trees can grow. The fruit is from the horse chestnut tree. The conker needs to be opened for the seeds to be released. The conkers can be eaten raw or cooked. They can also be dried and used in soups and stews.

Do you need 2 chestnut trees to produce fruit?

Make sure you have enough space for at least two giant trees before committing to grow chestnuts. You will need to have at least two chestnut trees planted within 100 feet of each other. This makes it possible for your chestnuts to cross-pollinate in order to reach the next generation of trees. Once you’ve planted your first tree, you’ll want to plant a second tree in the same spot.

This will ensure that the two trees will grow side-by-side, and that they will not compete for sunlight. It’s also a good idea to place a third tree on top of the first two, so that it will provide shade for the second and third trees as well.

If you plan on growing more than one tree at a time, make sure that you place them in a spot that is not too close to one another. For example, if you’re planning on planting three trees in one spot, it would be best if they were planted in different spots, such as on different sides of a building.

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