Plug in the lights to make sure they are working. Hang lights in the back of the tree and work your way down. You can hide extra lights behind a tree branch when you reach the bottom.

Someone even made a video about it!

Do you string Christmas tree lights from top to bottom or bottom to top?

String lights by starting the string at the bottom of the tree and pulling it up to the top, then back down like a mountain. Continue zigzagging up and down the tree. Tuck the strands farther in on the branches to make room for the next string once you’ve wrapped the tree.

How many strings of lights do I need for a 6 foot tree?

The basic rule of thumb is that the average person has a 6-foot tree. For each foot of your tree, you would want to use a piece of plywood. For example, if you have a 4-feet-tall tree and you’re using a 2-by-4, that would be 1-1/2-inches thick.

How many lights do you need for a 7ft tree?

According to lowe’s, a good rule of thumb is 100 lights for every half of a tree. Better homes and gardens recommend using three 100 light sets for every foot of a tree’s height. Simple suggests 100 lights for every tree.

How do you attach string lights to a tree trunk?

It is easy to hang lights if you have trees. Just drill a hole into a tree, install a cup hook, wrap the light around it and secure it with a zip tie. You can thread them through the branches and not anchor them.

Make sure you are close to the light so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. You can also use a piece of string to attach the lights to the tree. This is a great way to keep them out of the way while you’re working on your project.

Do you start Christmas lights top bottom?

We should start at the top of the tree with the last light on the strand and work our way down the front in a vertical line, leaving three lights on each strand.

How many lights should I put on a 6 foot Christmas tree?

coverage. If you have a 6 foot artificial Christmas tree, you’ll need a string of 300 LEDs to light it up. This is a good starting point, but you may want to increase the number of lights if you’re using a larger tree or if the tree has a lot of branches. You’ll also need to make sure that the lights don’t get too close to the branches, as this can cause them to burn out.

The best way to do this is to mount the LEDs on a stand, so that they’re not directly in the path of any branches or branches that are too large for the LED’s to reach. Also, be sure to use the right type of LED, because some are more efficient than others, and some may not work at all.

How do you zig zag Christmas lights?

All you need to do is start by placing your lights at the top of the tree and string them down vertically, rather than wrapping around horizontally. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Do you put lights or ribbon on the tree first?

Add ribbon before ornaments Begin your tree decorating by adding lights and then the ribbon. Ornaments should never stop going on last. If you attempt to add ribbon after hanging ornaments, you run the risk of breaking ornaments as you style your tree. Now it’s time to cut your ribbon with your scissors.

I like to cut my ribbon about 1/4 inch shorter than my tree, but you can go as short or as long as your heart desires. Once you’ve cut it, it should look something like this: Now you’re ready to hang your ornament. You can either hang the ornament on the tree or hang it on a piece of string.

Either way, make sure that the string is long enough to reach the top of the branch, and that it doesn’t get caught in the branches or branches of other trees. The string should be at least 3 feet long, so you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled up in your branches.

For example, if you have a tree with a lot of branches, I would hang my ornament at the base of a branch.

What order do I put ornaments on tree?

Use a mix of both large and small ornaments, but hang the largest ornaments first and then follow up with the medium sized ones and then the smaller ornaments. Instead of hanging ornaments on the tips of the branches, try placing them slightly into the tree.

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can also use a tree branch to hang a large ornament. Just make sure that the branch is long enough to reach all the way down to the ground. If you are using a branch that is too short, it will be difficult to get the ornament in the right position.

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