You’ll need to separate the pups once they get to around a quarter size of their mother plant. Carefully lay the mother plant on its side and cut away the pups, using a kitchen knife or quality pair of garden sheers. You’re all set to start your own air plant after you’ve completed this process.

How do you propagate an air plant?

The easiest way to propagate your air plant is to remove offsets, or pups, that grow from the base of the mother plant. If you want to create an airy look, you may want to leave the pups on the mother plant.

If you want to keep the air plants in the ground, place them in a potting mix with a few inches of water and a little bit of fertilizer. You can also add a small amount of compost to the mix if you’d like to help the plants grow faster.

Can I cut an air plant in half?

Yes— you can trim an air plant. Air plants are very hardy and can survive even if you cut off some of its leaves. Don’t cut an air plant if the leaves can’t regenerate themselves after you cut a part of it off.

If you want to trim a plant, you will need to use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors. You will also need some tweezers to help you get the job done.

Do all air plants have pups?

Air plants usually have pups following the blooming process. The xerographica air plant is slower to bloom than other varieties, though all Tillandsia will go through this process at some point in their lifecycle.

What is the lifespan of an air plant?

An air plant lifespan is between 2 and 5 years. Plants that live for more than two years are called air plants. Their life expectancy will be influenced by the Tillandsia species and growth conditions. Seedlings can be harvested in as little as two weeks, depending on the species. Harvested plants can take up to two months to reach full size.

How do you multiply air plants?

If you separate them, water, and find a new place for the pups to grow into full sized air plants, you’ll be good to go. If you prefer to keep them together, you can leave the pups in place and have a cluster grow. If your species only flowers once, the mother plant will die and need to be removed.

Do air plants only bloom once?

Every air plant will only bloom once in its lifetime. Once the flower has dried up, you should trim off the entire flower stalks. Plants are formed at the base of an existing plant. Tillandsias can be grown from seed, but it is recommended that you plant them in a sunny location with good drainage. They can also be propagated from cuttings, although this is not recommended due to the risk of root rot.

Should I cut the brown tips off my air plant?

Air plants should be trimmed, especially the dead and brown leaves so new ones can grow. The dried leaf tips, broken or sick leaves, and dead flowers should be cut. It’s optional to cut off the roots, but it won’t hurt the plant. The air plant’s pups have to be separated from their mother.

If you want to grow air plants indoors, you’ll need to keep the temperature below 70°F (21°C) during the day and above 80° F (27° C) at night. If you live in an area with a lot of heat, such as a hot desert, it’s best to place the plants in a cool, dark place.

Air plants can also be grown outdoors in the summer, but be careful not to let them get too hot, as this can cause them to die.

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