This is a genuine replacement part which was manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. The key is inserted into the switch to start the unit.

Here’s a pretty interesting video about the process:

How do I know when my RYOBI battery is charged?

Look at the LED light. When the green LED light is flashing and the red LED light is steady, the battery is charging. The battery is fully charged when the red and green lights are not on.

Why did my RYOBI mower stop working?

Don’t forget the battery! If your battery is flat, or overheated, that could be the problem. It’s not the battery if it’s freshly charged and tested good. The most likely cause is if the mower stopped working suddenly.

Why is my electric lawn mower not starting?

The circuit breaker may have tripped. Clear any debris around the blade that may be blocking it. The spark plug boot needs to be reinserted. Wait 30 seconds so the breaker can self-reset, then try to start the engine. If the problem persists, contact your local dealer.

Why is my battery lawn mower not starting?

A battery lawn mower will not start if the battery is not charged or installed correctly. A dead battery can be a result of a bad battery, hot battery, pinched or loose wires, or plugged lawn mower deck.

Why is my electric lawn mower not working?

When it comes to an electric mower that isn’t starting, it will most likely be an issue with the power supply, power transmission, or a combination of the two.

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