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With the drop in temperatures and the first frosts, it is essential to protect your plants and shrubs.

However, many gardeners neglect this crucial step.

Protect your plants and shrubs from bad weather

Here are some tips to avoid these mistakes:

  • Choose the right mulch: opt for organic mulch, such as dead leaves or straw, which protects against the cold while nourishing the soil.
  • Install a winter cover: this lightweight and breathable fabric effectively protects your plants from frost without suffocating them.
  • Consider specific protections: for potted plants or fragile shrubs, use protective covers or rigid cases.

Pruning too early or too late

Pruning at the right time is essential to ensure the good health of your plants during winter. Here are some common mistakes:

  • Pruning too early: wait for the leaves to fall before pruning your trees and shrubs to avoid thermal shock.
  • Pruning too late: don’t wait too long, as late pruning can result in branch regrowth just before winter, making them more vulnerable to the cold.
  • Ignoring the pruning of fruit trees: they require specific pruning to promote fruiting and resistance to diseases.

Neglecting garden cleaning

A clean and tidy garden is a guarantee of good health for your plants during winter. Avoid these mistakes:

  • Leaving dead leaves to accumulate: they can suffocate the lawn and harbor pests. Regularly collect and compost them.
  • Forgetting to clean gardening tools: disinfect your pruning shears and other tools to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Neglecting water points: empty and clean your ponds and water collectors to prevent freezing and algae proliferation.

Overestimating the resistance of certain plants to the cold

Not all plants are equal when it comes to cold. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Poor exposure of potted plants: place them against a wall or in a sheltered area to limit the effects of the cold. Also, consider elevating the pots to avoid direct contact with frozen ground.
  • Ignoring the specific needs of Mediterranean plants: they are less tolerant to cold and require appropriate protection, such as thick mulch or a winter cover.
  • Forgetting to protect fragile bulbs: some bulbs, like dahlias, need to be dug up and stored away from frost during winter.

Neglecting winter watering

Watering in winter is just as important as in summer, even if your plants have reduced water needs. Here’s how to avoid mistakes:

  • Watering too often: in winter, excessive watering can cause root rot. Space out your watering and regularly check the soil moisture.
  • Neglecting watering of potted plants: they dry out faster than those in the ground. Remember to water them regularly, but without excess.
  • Forgetting to protect your pipes and outdoor faucets: remember to drain and insulate your installations to prevent freezing and the damage it can cause.

By following these tips and avoiding these common mistakes, you will increase the chances of preserving the beauty and health of your garden during winter. Remember that each plant is unique and requires special attention. Take the time to learn about the specific needs of each plant to provide them with the best possible conditions during this delicate period.

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