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This year, winter is shaping up to be a season of innovation and economy thanks to connected thermostats.

Here, we bring you a detailed analysis of this technological revolution that promises to transform the way we manage home heating.

An energy transition encouraged by the French government

With new regulations, 2024 marks a turning point. The implementation of a subsidy for the purchase of connected thermostats is more than just a measure; it is a real incentive to rethink our energy consumption. Why wait until 2027 when we can already benefit from the advantages of these devices?

How much does a connected thermostat really cost?

The price of connected thermostats varies, ranging from €100 to €1000. This price range reflects a diversity of features and compatibilities. The initial investment may seem significant, but let’s take a closer look at the achievable savings.

Tangible savings on your bills

  • An average reduction of 15% in heating consumption.
  • For a household heating with electricity, savings can reach up to €270 annually.
  • Gas users are not left behind with a possible saving of €210 per year.

Installation: a breeze suitable for all households

The connected thermostat stands out for its flexibility of installation. Whether you live in an old or new housing, installation is hassle-free. Wireless technology provides unparalleled installation and use freedom.

Maximize your energy savings beyond the thermostat

Investing in a connected thermostat is a first step towards an energy-efficient home. Also consider complementary solutions such as LED bulbs or low-consumption appliances. Every little gesture counts in the fight against energy waste.

A positive impact on the environment and your wallet

Using a connected thermostat is not just a matter of saving money. It is also a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle. By reducing your energy consumption, you actively contribute to the protection of our planet.

How to choose the right thermostat for your home?

Faced with the diversity of available models, it is essential to choose a thermostat that suits your needs. Take into account compatibility with your heating system and the features offered by each model.

The future of home heating: smart and economical

Connected thermostats are just the beginning of a series of innovations in the field of home heating. With technology advancing rapidly, expect even smarter and more economical solutions in the years to come.

In summary, adopting a connected thermostat is much more than just a gadget change. It is a decision that positively impacts your comfort, your wallet, and the environment. So, are you ready to take the step towards a warmer and more economical winter?


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