Geraniums are plants highly appreciated for their generous flowering and ease of maintenance.

However, to fully enjoy their beauty, it is essential to prepare them properly for the winter period.

Why prune geraniums before winter?

Pruning geraniums before winter allows:

  • To promote better flowering the following spring
  • To limit the development of diseases and pests
  • To maintain a harmonious and compact shape for the plant

When to prune geraniums for winter?

To properly prepare your geraniums for winter, it is advisable to prune them at the end of the season, usually between October and November. Wait until the flowering is over, then choose a dry and sunny day to perform this operation.

Preparing the necessary equipment for pruning geraniums

Before starting to prune your geraniums, make sure you have all the necessary equipment at hand:

  • A clean and well-sharpened pruner: a disinfected tool will prevent the spread of diseases between plants
  • Gardening gloves: to protect your hands from possible cuts
  • A clean and dry cloth to wipe the pruner between each cut

How to prune geraniums?

Pruning geraniums for winter is not a complex operation, but it requires some attention and precision. Here are the steps to follow to succeed in this intervention:

  1. Start by removing all faded flowers as well as damaged or dead leaves. This will allow the plant to better resist diseases and pests.
  2. Continue by pruning the main stems to about 10 cm from the ground. Cut just above a healthy leaf, at an angle, and be careful not to injure the plant.
  3. Finish by thinning out the center of the plant, cutting off secondary stems that cross or grow inward. Leave enough space between the stems to promote good air circulation.

Additional tips for overwintering your geraniums

Now that your geraniums are properly pruned, here are some additional tips to ensure their good health during winter:

  • Bring your geraniums indoors: if you live in an area where winter temperatures are particularly low, it is best to bring your geraniums indoors, in a cool and bright place. Make sure they are protected from drafts and sudden temperature changes.
  • Water moderately: during the winter period, reduce watering to avoid root rot. Light watering every 15 days should be sufficient.
  • Regularly monitor the condition of your plants: regularly check the condition of your geraniums and do not hesitate to remove leaves or stems that show signs of disease or weakness.

By following these simple tips and tricks, you will best prepare your geraniums to face winter and enjoy even more abundant flowering next spring. Happy gardening!

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