Pokemon are weak against Grass Pokemon. Pokemon are strong against other Pokemon. Check the list below

  • Grass pokemon are strong against ground
  • Rock
  • But weak to water
  • Electric
  • Ghost
  • Fighting
  • Psychic
  • Grass
  • Fairy
  • Bug types
  • Dark
  • Fairy-type pokemon

You can check the type of the Pokemon you have in your party by going to your Pokemon menu and selecting “Pokemon” from the drop down menu.

You will then see a list of all the types of Pokemon that can be found in the game. Pokemon has a type that is not listed on the list, then that Pokemon does not have that type in its type chart. For example, if you are looking for a Water Pokemon, you will not see any Water types on your list.

Are Grass types good?

Their attacks against rock and water Pokemon are so effective that they can also be used against ground-types. That gives you an advantage going into battle against the likes of Garchomp and Landorus-T. Pokemon also have the ability to switch in and out of the battle. This means that if you have a Pokemon that can switch into your opponent’s Pokemon, you can use that Pokemon to your advantage.

For example, let’s that you’re playing against an opponent who has a Charizard-GX. You know that the opponent is going to try to set up a Substitute, so you want to make sure that he doesn’t get the chance to do so. If you use a Grass- type Pokemon against him, he won’t be able to use it, but he’ll still be unable to attack you.

He’ll just have to wait for you to come out and finish him off. The same thing can be said for any Pokemon with the Grass typing, such as Venusaur, Charmeleon, or Blastoise.

What is Grass type weak to?


  • Tangela is weak against flying-
  • Poison-
  • Bug-
  • Fire-
  • Water-
  • Grass-
  • Electric-
  • Ice-
  • Rock-
  • Dragon-
  • Ice-type attacks but strong against ground-

Pokémon that are immune to a type of attack can still take damage from that type.

This is especially true for Pokémon with the Ability Levitate, which can be used to block attacks from certain types, such as Ground- and Rock- type attacks.

However, this does not mean that a Pokémon cannot be affected by a specific type, only that it cannot take the full effect of the type that the Pokémon is immune against.

What is the strongest Steel Pokémon?

Metagross is the definitive Steel-type Pokemon, thanks to its imposing design and huge power. It has 10 resistances on its side and an intimidating 135 Attack stat that is backed up by moves like Stone Edge and Earthquake.

However, it’s also one of the most vulnerable Pokemon in the metagame, as it can be easily KOed by a variety of attacks, such as Fire Blast, Ice Beam, or Thunderbolt.

It’s not all bad news, though. below)

  • The pokemon also has access to a number of useful moves
  • Roar of Time

  • Rock slide
  • Dragon claw
  • Iron tail
  • Pursuit
  • Knock off
  • Double-edge
  • Swords dance
  • Crunch
  • Superpower
  • Bullet punch
  • Thunderpunch
  • Earthquake
  • Fire punch
  • More

This makes it a great choice for teams that want to take advantage of its powerful moveset, but don’t have a lot of room on their team for other Pokemon.

For example, if you’re looking for a Pokemon that can take on the likes of Tyranitar and Mega Charizard Y, you can easily find one with the ability to deal with both of those Pokemon with a single move.

Why is Steel the best Pokemon type?

Steel is the best pokémon type because of its immunity to poison and many resistances. The second type was defeated by an over 20% margin. Ice has a 50% more expected damage output than Steel. In terms of offensive stats, Steel is one of the better offensive types, but it’s not as good as it used to be.

In the past, it was the most common offensive type in the game, and it still is. Both of them are very good defensive types that can take a lot of punishment and still have a decent chance of winning the battle.

Who is the fastest grass Pokemon?

This may come as a surprise to some, but the fastest Grass-type Pokémon in the entire franchise is a final evolution of a starter. Sceptile, the grass-type starter from the pokémon red and green games, is the pokémon who holds this special crown. Pokémon with the highest base Speed stat in all of Generation I and Generation II is Bulbasaur, who has a base speed of 110.

This is the same speed as the starter Pokémon from Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, which is Squirtle. III, this speed is increased to 120, making it the second-fastest Pokémon of all time, behind only the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. It is also one of only two Pokémon to have a speed stat of 120 or higher in every generation of the franchise, along with Pikachu and Charizard.

Is Bede from Pokemon a girl?

Bede is the only notable male who holds the position. Edit , also known as, is a member of the Order of Whispers. He is also the leader of a group of thieves called the Thieves’ Guild.

What is the first Fairy trainer name?

Do you know about the Fairy type’s weaknesses? Annette sent out her first pokemon and second one. In the second round, it is decided by the number of points that each team member has. The team with the fewest points will be eliminated from the competition and will not be able to participate in the next round.

What is the rarest Pokémon?

If it’s real, prerelease raichu may be the most rare pokémon card of all time. It’s almost impossible to find out about prerelease raichu, the most controversial pokémon card of all time, because it is so rare.

The card was first released in the Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game as a promotional card for the Pokémon TCG: XY—Roaring Skies expansion. It was later released as part of the XY Series of promotional cards. The card has since been reprinted several times in various sets, and has also appeared in other card games, such as Yu-Gi-Oh!


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