When and how to start indoors. Plant onion seeds indoors 8–10 weeks before transplanting them outside just before the average last frost date in your area. The seeds need to be sown 14 inch deep. Good air circulation and an open and sunny site are required for onions to grow. Plants. Onion plants grow best in full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. They prefer moist, well-drained soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0.

You can grow onion plants in containers, too, as long as the soil is well drained and the container is at least 12 inches in diameter. If you want to grow onions indoors, you’ll need a container with drainage holes in the bottom and a drainage hole on the top. The container should also be large enough to allow the roots to reach the surface.

When Can onions be planted in Zone 5?

When growing long-day onions, plant in early spring as soon as the ground is workable and harvest in late summer. Most of the northern regions have bulbing after the summer equinox. In the southern and central regions of the U.S., day-neutral onions can be planted in early spring and late spring to early summer.

Can I start onion sets indoors?

To start onion seedlings indoors in february or march, fill a container nearly to the top with a seed starting mix and then make two furrows, about 1/2 inch deep, for the onion seeds. If you want to cover the seeds with more soil mix, sprinkle them in the furrows. The container should be labeled with the name of the plant and the date of planting.

After the seeds have germinated, place them in a warm, well-ventilated area and allow them to grow for a few weeks. When the plants are about 6 inches tall, remove them from the soil and let them dry out completely before transplanting them into a new container.

Do onion seeds need cold stratification?

Winter sowing is basically cold-stratifying your onion seeds to the outside temperatures, then they sprout when conditions are right in the spring. You can plant your seeds in a sunny location during December and February. You can also sow the seeds directly into the ground, but this is not recommended.

The seeds will not germinate until the soil is warm enough to allow the germination process to take place. It is also important to remember that you will need to water your seedlings as they grow, so it is best to plant them as soon as possible after they have sprouted.

Can I start onion seeds in January?

If you want to grow onions you need to sow your seed in january or february in trays of a good seed compost and cover with a quarter inch of sieved compost or vermiculite. You can also sow the seeds in a plastic bag and then cover the bag with plastic wrap. The seeds will germinate in 2-3 weeks and will be ready to harvest in 4-6 weeks.

You can use any type of onion you like, but I like to grow my onions in the winter. If you don’t have access to a winter garden, you can grow your onions on the balcony of your house. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds, growing your own onions and eating them right out of season.

Should I soak onion seeds before planting?

You can plant onion sets without soaking them, but soaked onions will sprout more quickly. You can also soak onion seed before planting to encourage germination. Adding compost tea to the sets will give them added nutrition and help them grow faster.

When should I start seeds for Zone 5?

Some gardeners in cooler regions prefer to use transplants that they set out in late May, while others grow in greenhouses to get a jump start. May 30 is your date to start seeds if that option is not available to you.

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