Unless you plan on getting electrocuted, you should NOT touch, let alone prune a tree that’s in contact with power lines!. A short circuit can be caused by touching a branch that is touching a wire.

What do you do when trees grow on power lines?

Since utility crews may need access to these areas, don’t plant trees under main power supply lines. Medium or large trees should be at least 20 to 30 feet from the main lines.

For example, if you want to plant a large tree next to a small tree, you should not plant the larger tree on top of the smaller tree. If you do, your tree will have to be cut down and replaced with a new one.

How close to power lines can you cut trees?

The trimming of trees within 10 feet of a power line can be fatal. It’s never a good idea to trim branches or limbs near a power line. OSHA-certified line clearance workers are authorized to trim trees near power lines.

How far should tree branches be from power lines?

Your tree’s branches should never get within 10 feet of power lines at the absolute closest. If your property includes trees that are within 50 feet of power lines, it’s a good idea to have them trimmed at least once a year.

If you live in an area with a lot of trees, you may be able to get away with trimming a few at a time. But if you’re in a rural area, it may not be practical to trim all of your trees at once. In that case, consider getting a tree trim service to do the job for you.

Who is responsible for trimming trees near power lines Qld?

The responsibility of any other trimming of trees, shrubs and plants on private property to maintain safety clearances around the electricity service line lies with the property owner. If you have any questions about this, please contact your local council.

Who is responsible for trimming trees near power lines NSW?

The electricity industry safety steering committee guidelines that homeowners are responsible for trimming trees near power lines. Any tree on public land is the responsibility of the local power company. Only licensed tree services are allowed to trim trees on private property.

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