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The end-of-year holidays are approaching and you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who loves plants?

Look no further, we have the solution! Give them a homemade and personalized gift: a flower cutting. In this article, we offer practical tips for successful propagation and to please plant lovers.

Choosing the right plant for your cutting

To start, it is essential to choose a plant suitable for propagation and that will match the tastes of the person you want to give it to. Here are some suggestions for easy-to-propagate plants:

  • Pothos (Epipremnum aureum): this climbing plant is very easy to multiply by cuttings and brings a touch of exoticism to the house.
  • Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum): also known as the spider plant, this plant is known for its ease of care and its ability to purify indoor air.
  • Geranium (Pelargonium): this flowering plant is perfect for adding a touch of color to the garden or balcony.
  • Rose (Rosa): giving a rose cutting is a strong and romantic symbolic gesture.

You can also choose a plant based on its meaning, for example lavender for love and peace, or basil for prosperity.

Preparing your cutting: step by step

Once you have chosen the ideal plant, it is time to prepare your cutting. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Cut a piece of stem: use clean and sharp pruning shears to cut a healthy and vigorous stem, about 10 to 15 cm long. Prefer non-flowering stems to promote rooting.
  2. Prepare the stem: gently remove the leaves located on the lower part of the stem (about one third) and optionally cut any flowers or buds present.
  3. Dip the base in rooting hormone (optional): this step is not mandatory, but it can significantly increase your chances of success. Rooting hormone stimulates root development.
  4. Plant the stem: fill a pot with a mixture of potting soil and sand or perlite to ensure good drainage. Insert the base of the stem into the substrate and lightly tamp around it.
  5. Water and place under shelter: water your cutting moderately and place it out of direct sunlight, in a warm and humid place. You can also cover the pot with a transparent plastic bag to create a mini greenhouse and promote rooting.

Careful packaging for a unique gift

To enhance your gift, consider personalizing its packaging. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a beautiful decorative pot: choose a ceramic or terracotta pot that matches the style of the person you are giving the cutting to.
  • Add a personalized label: write the name of the plant, the date of propagation, as well as a small message of love or friendship on a kraft paper or slate label.
  • Embellish it all with a ribbon: add a festive touch by tying a ribbon around the pot or attaching a small decoration (star, pinecone…) to the label.

By following these tips, you will undoubtedly give an original and thoughtful gift that will delight gardening enthusiasts. The DIY flower cutting is a unique way to share your love of plants and offer a personalized gift that will grow over time.


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