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Gardening is an art that requires time, patience, and love for plants.

Among the most appreciated flowers, roses hold a special place in the hearts of gardeners. In order to preserve their beauty and health, it is essential to properly prepare your roses for winter. In this article, we offer you a simple and effective tip to protect your precious plants during the cold months.

The steps to follow to properly prepare your roses

To succeed in this operation, here are the different steps to follow:

  • Rose pruning: Cut dead or damaged branches, as well as those that cross or touch each other.
  • Soil cleaning: Collect fallen leaves at the base of the roses to prevent the proliferation of diseases.
  • Hilling: This technique consists of piling up soil at the base of the roses to protect the graft point from cold and frost.

Simple tip: natural mulching

The tip we offer you today is natural mulching. This process consists of covering the ground around the roses with organic materials such as:

  • Dead leaves
  • Straw
  • Wood chips
  • Tree bark

This layer of organic matter protects the roots of the roses from cold and moisture, while retaining the necessary warmth and nutrients for their growth. In addition, it reduces water evaporation, thus reducing the frequency of watering.

The advantages of natural mulching for your roses

Natural mulching has several advantages:

  • Thermal protection: It regulates the temperature of the soil by avoiding abrupt variations between day and night.
  • Weed control: By covering the soil, it limits the germination and growth of weeds.
  • Fertilization: Over time, the mulch decomposes and releases nutrients that enrich the soil.

How to apply natural mulching to your roses?

To implement natural mulching, follow these few steps:

  1. Gather the materials of your choice (leaves, straw, wood chips…).
  2. After hilling, spread a layer of mulch about 10 cm thick around the base of the roses.
  3. Make sure not to completely cover the graft point to avoid the risk of rot.

By following these tips and adopting this simple tip, you will provide your roses with optimal protection during winter. Thus, in spring, they will be ready to bloom and beautify your garden. So don’t hesitate any longer, put this technique into practice and fully enjoy the beauty of your roses!


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