It is when to apply. Apply when weeds are actively growing and daytime temperatures are between 60°F and 90°F. April-September is when weeds are most active in the northern US. In the southern US, weeds are most active in the fall and winter.

Treat weeds with a broad-spectrum herbicide such as 2,4-D or glyphosate (Roundup). Do not apply to leaves or stems. If you are using a glyphosate-based product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. For more information on glyphosate, visit the EPA website at

How often should you weed and feed your lawn?

Don’t apply weed and feed products more than twice a year. It’s a good idea to use another application in the fall if you didn’t resolve your weed issue in the spring. It should take at least two months for applications to be received.

Should you weed and feed before or after mowing?

It is recommended that you mow a few days before applying weed and feed, and that you wait a few days after applying to mow again. The time it takes for the herbicide to be absorbed through the leaves of the plant is ensured by this.

If you do not have access to a lawn mower, you can use a hand-held weed-removal tool, such as a weed whacker, to remove the weeds from your lawn. You can also spray the area with a water-soluble weed killer.

How long after weed and feed Can I fertilize my lawn?

It’s best to wait at least a week before you start adding something to the grass. During this period, your grass will have a chance to absorb the weed control product. It is possible to reseed your lawn after a week. Fertilizer can also be applied directly to the surface of the grass.

If you have a lawn mower, this is a great way to apply fertilizer directly onto the lawn. You can use a spray bottle or a garden sprayer to spray the fertilizer into the ground.

What is the next step after weed and feed?

You should wait for three to four weeks after applying weed and feed before you reseed the bare spots in your lawn. After the weed and feed application is done, the lawn is washed out. You should not water the lawn for at least two days after you apply weed or feed.

Can I weed and feed on wet grass?

If you spread weed and feed on wet grass, the weeds will stick better to the leafy portions of the weeds. If you do not have a lawn mower, you can use a weed whacker to remove weeds from the lawn. If you don’t have one, a garden hoe can also be used to pull weeds out of your yard.

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