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Dry firewood is essential to fully enjoy the benefits of wood heating.

Wet wood is less efficient, produces more smoke, and dirties your chimney or stove more. To avoid these inconveniences, it is therefore essential to properly dry your wood before using it. Here are some quick and effective methods to achieve this.

Choose the appropriate wood species

The choice of wood species is important for quick drying and optimal performance. The preferred species are:

  • Oak: sturdy and dense, it offers excellent combustion
  • Beech: also dense, it provides pleasant and long-lasting heat
  • Ash: appreciated for its ease of ignition and its ability to burn for a long time
  • Maple: known for its high calorific value, it burns slowly and produces a lot of heat

Split the wood into small logs

Splitting the wood into smaller logs accelerates its drying. Indeed, the surface exposed to the air is then larger, which promotes the evaporation of moisture. For quick drying, prefer logs of about 30 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

Stack the wood properly

Once the logs are split, it is important to stack them properly to facilitate their drying. Here are some tips:

  • Space the logs: leave a space of at least 3 cm between each log to allow air circulation
  • Alternate the layers: stack the logs in crossed layers to promote air circulation
  • Expose to sun and wind: choose a location that is well exposed to the sun and wind to accelerate drying
  • Elevate the wood pile: place pallets or wedges under the pile to avoid direct contact with the ground and resulting moisture.

Cover the wood pile, but not completely

To protect your wood from bad weather, it is necessary to cover it. However, it should not be completely covered to allow air circulation. Use a waterproof tarp or a sloping roof to cover only the top of the pile, leaving the sides open.

Use a dehumidifier or a fan

If you store your wood in a closed space, such as a garage or a garden shed, using a dehumidifier or a fan can help accelerate drying. The dehumidifier reduces ambient humidity while the fan promotes air circulation around the logs.

The drying time required for optimal firewood

The drying time varies depending on the wood species and environmental conditions. In general, it takes between 18 and 24 months for the wood to reach a moisture content below 20%, ideal for optimal combustion. However, by applying the quick methods presented above, you can reduce this time to just a few months.

Regularly check the wood’s moisture content

To ensure that your wood is dry enough to be used, it is essential to regularly check its moisture content. For this, you can use a wood-specific moisture meter. Ideally, your firewood should have a moisture content below 20% before use.

By following these tips and implementing these quick methods, you will be able to properly prepare your firewood before winter and fully enjoy the benefits of wood heating. Don’t wait any longer to implement these tips and start preparing your wood for the upcoming cold months.


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