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The heat pump is an ecological and economical heating device that draws heat from the outside air and releases it as warmth inside your home.

In order to ensure its proper functioning and longevity, it is essential to protect your heat pump from winter weather conditions. In this article, we offer practical advice to effectively protect your installation.

Installing your heat pump in the right place: a crucial choice to avoid cold-related problems

The choice of location for your heat pump is essential to ensure its proper functioning during the cold season. Here are some tips to find the best location:

  • Choose a location sheltered from prevailing winds and precipitation (snow, rain) to prevent snow or ice from obstructing the heat exchanger.
  • Prefer a south or southwest orientation to benefit from maximum sunlight, which will allow the device to operate more efficiently even in cold weather.
  • Keep the heat pump away from high traffic areas and openings (doors, windows) to reduce noise and avoid cold drafts.

Protecting your heat pump with a specific shelter: an effective solution to fight against freezing

Installing a shelter for your heat pump is an ideal solution to protect it from winter weather conditions. Several types of shelters are available on the market:

  • Metal shelters: sturdy and resistant, they provide good protection against rain, snow, and strong winds.
  • Wooden shelters: aesthetic and natural, they blend harmoniously into your garden while effectively protecting your heat pump from the cold.
  • PVC shelters: lightweight and easy to assemble, they are an economical solution to protect your installation.

Also, remember to regularly check the condition of the shelter and remove any snow or ice accumulations to ensure optimal operation of the heat pump.

Maintaining the temperature around the heat pump: a trick to improve its efficiency

To prevent the heat pump from being too exposed to the cold, you can implement some simple actions that will help maintain a higher ambient temperature around the device:

  • Create a vegetative barrier around the heat pump by planting evergreen shrubs to reduce the effects of wind and cold.
  • Install a thermal screen with insulating panels on the wall supporting the heat pump to limit heat loss and protect the device from temperature variations.

Ensuring regular maintenance: a guarantee of performance and longevity for your heat pump

To ensure the proper functioning of your heat pump and optimize its lifespan, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some tips for properly maintaining your installation:

  • Regularly check the condition of the filters and clean them if necessary to prevent dust and debris from clogging the system.
  • Check the tightness of the refrigeration circuit to prevent leaks of the heat transfer fluid, which can affect the efficiency of the heat pump.
  • Call a professional to perform a complete inspection of your installation at least once a year, especially before the start of the cold season, to anticipate any malfunctions related to the cold.

By following these tips and ensuring effective protection of your outdoor heat pump from winter cold, you will enjoy a high-performance and durable heating system that will allow you to save energy while respecting the environment.

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