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Cooking is a space where conviviality, creativity, and gustatory pleasure come together.

It is therefore essential to choose the right colors to create a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. Some shades can indeed negatively influence our mood, and even harm our appetite. In this article, we present you with the 5 colors to avoid in the kitchen and their effects on our state of mind.

1. Chick yellow

  • Affects concentration and can cause anxiety
  • Risk of disgust when associated with food

Although yellow is often associated with sunshine and good mood, its chick version can be disturbing in a kitchen. Indeed, this too bright shade can make concentration difficult and cause anxiety. Moreover, when it is associated with food, it can provoke a feeling of disgust.

2. Bright red

  • Stimulates appetite but can create nervous tension
  • Risk of visual aggressiveness when used excessively

Bright red is known to stimulate appetite, but it can also create nervous tension and make the kitchen atmosphere less pleasant. In excess, this color can also be aggressive to the eyes and hinder the necessary relaxation to fully enjoy culinary pleasures.

3. Khaki green

  • Can provoke a feeling of fatigue and boredom
  • Dull shade that does not promote creativity in the kitchen

Khaki green is a color that may seem relaxing at first, but it can quickly provoke a feeling of fatigue and boredom. This dull shade is not ideal for stimulating creativity in the kitchen and making you want to prepare delicious dishes.

4. Dark brown

  • Makes the space darker and suffocating
  • Can cause a feeling of oppression

Dark brown is a color that tends to make spaces darker and suffocating. In a kitchen, this can cause a feeling of oppression and harm general well-being. It is therefore preferable to favor lighter and brighter colors to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

5. Anthracite gray or black

  • Promotes a gloomy and sad environment
  • Can decrease appetite and desire to cook

Anthracite gray or black are colors that tend to promote a gloomy and sad environment. In a kitchen, this can decrease appetite and desire to cook. It is therefore recommended to avoid these dark shades and prefer lighter and more welcoming tones.

What alternatives for a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen?

To create a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere in your kitchen, favor soft and bright colors. Shades of white, beige, or light blue are ideal for bringing serenity and promoting relaxation. You can also play with contrasts by adding some touches of bright colors, such as a less aggressive red or a fresher green, to energize the space.

Don’t forget that accessories and decorative elements can also influence the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Consider adding plants to bring a touch of greenery, or choose textiles with colorful and joyful patterns. The essential thing is to feel good in this space where you will spend time preparing and enjoying meals with family or friends.


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